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Artist Statement

My work derives its inspiration from a variety of sources, especially, people with strong personalities,  animals and other forms found in nature. I create characters that are opinionated, focus on animals that maybe less familiar, and built contemporary ceramic forms.


The work often originates from a cylindric form, either slab formed or wheel thrown,  this will allow me to shape from the inside out.. To emphasize the journey of the piece, texture is added by carving, stamping, or piercing, and tool marks are accentuated rather then removed. This parallels with how the rings in tree, reveal it's chronological age, or the wrinkles in someones face, reflect their life experiences.  Often there will be a repositionable element as part of the work, which allows for a playful interaction. 

At times, I seek to enhance the narrative by incorporating metal, wood or glass elements.

 I feel like I have succeeded when someone tells me that my work contributes to their well being and they enjoy sharing their space with my work. 

© Maria Annegarn 2015